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Environmental Air Quality Monitoring System

The greenhouse gas emission, water contamination has been exacerbated worldwide due to large population increase and rapid economic growth. Ozone(O3) levels are threatening food grain productions in Northern India. The air quality data from National Pollution control boards across the world shows large parts of human habituated areas are suffering from high pollution load. Unfortunately, air quality monitoring is still in its infancy most of the air quality measurements are done manually and data is uploaded to monitoring stations to show the air or water quality levels.

Hobvision Environmental Air Quality Monitoring System Solution offers to collect the data from the networked pollution control board stations as well as from Industrial regions collate the data and present it in a cloud/web based framework for easy consumption by the end users. The data presented can be segregated in any way such as filtering for SO2, NO2, RSPM (respirable suspended particulate matter), PM10, PM2.5 so on. The data can be set for particular interval which can be adjustable for different periods for sampling. Alert monitoring can also be done when a particular threshold for air pollution control element breaches its threshold an alert will be sent out to concerned group/individual.

Hobvision currently works with Government and other Industrial bodies to implement the monitoring solution in desired location. Environmental Air Quality Monitoring System applications collect the sensor data and project it for our customer use.


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