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MES Services

The globalization of the Economy and associated factors of increasing effectiveness in production, shortening innovation cycles, safe guarding high quality, etc. are continually agumenting the pressure on the production business.To increase the effectiveness in production planning most of the industries turning towards Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems which in turn needs to talk to Collaborate Production Management (CPM) or more popularly known as MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems).MES provides the ability to understand and manage the complexities of the modern manufacturing process. MES enables the potential for efficiency savings in areas such as scheduling, inventory control, product tractability, downtime, up time, product specification management, and key performance tracking.

Hobvision can support manufacturers in the complex life-cycle implementation of an MES application from conceptualisation and value mapping, system and requirements definition, technology selection, pilot, implementation, and roll out to all plants and lines. Avanceon focuses on your people and how the new system will impact their lives and ensure their acceptance and ownership. With this emphasis on change management and the human element, Hobvision supports all phases of the MES implementation and provides a superior project methodology to keep the initial MES vision and current implementation reality in concert. Hobvision Technologies has the ability to help manufacturers define MES standards and practices that provide the overall structure and strategy for corporate wide roll out and adoption.

MES Offerings


Work Order Execution
Recipes and Specification
Electronic Batch Records
Batch/Lot tracking
Procedural Steps


Utilization and Downtime
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
Labor Tracking
Batch/Lot tracking
Compliance Management


Statstical Process Control
Lab Integration
HACCP Management
Regulatory Compliance
In Processs Quality Assurance
Line and Run Check Points