Hobvision Technologies Private Limited


Connecting ShopFloor to Topfloor seamlessly

ShopFloorKonnect gateway provides a simple and secure method to gain access to data from RTUs, PLCs, or any other devices that use the MODBUS / OPC / TCP data protocol. The versatile device is compact and rugged enough for use in applications where space and power are limited and wide ambient temperature swing are possible.

Aggregate data from multiple sources having:

Serial Port
Ethernet Port
Custom Protocol
Makes data available to server on Modbus / TCP / OPC UA / Ethernet IP.

ShopFloorKonnect is well suited for challenging situation that include:
Limited power availability in remote conditions;
Remote or unmanned station that need data collections;
Operation in extreme temperatures and/or dusty environments;
Leveraging a device that does not require IT governance;
Secure data connectivity due to company regulatory requirements;


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