Hobvision Technologies Private Limited

Fleet / Fuel Management System

Oil & Gas

Hobvision offers fleet and fuel management solution for industries for tracking vehicles at their premises or outside the premises the offered solution connects the vehicle in customer location with desired connectivity to the cloud which would help in optimizing the fuel consumption, restricts or reports the vehicle movement within or outside the premises, provides real time information such as shift planning, weigh bridge operations. Vehicle report also includes fuel consumption, vehicle idle time monitoring, real time predictive and preventive maintenance, along this system would provide advanced driver safety by ensuring proactive monitoring.

Salient features of Fleet / Fuel Management Solution:

Real Time Location Tracking of Vehicles
Speeding Alert, Vehicle Stop alerts
Digital Fencing
Alternate Route Management
Inbound traffic Management
Smart Urban Lighting
SCADA Integration
Weight Bridge and Automatic Gates Integration
Optimize Fuel Consumption
Vehicle Diagnostics using OBD 2 Dongle
Fuel Dispenser Management


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