Hobvision Technologies Private Limited

Staff Augmentation

Hobvision Staff Augmentation services enable you in providing qualified and experienced candidates to suit your current requirements working exclusively for you from our offshore offices. We facilitate you to accomplish your special or seasonal projects without hiring a permanent staff and at no additional costs associated with HR related activities and liabilities.

We provide expert personnel in technology platforms, software development, QA and testing, databases and networking. Our extensive database of candidates allows us to identity proven performers who can step in and make an immediate contribution to the growth and productivity goals of your organization.

Our domain knowledge, selective recruitment and on-the-job training ensure that our team is consistently able to meet individual client needs. We offer dedicated developers in various technologies, to businesses of various sizes, ranging from startups to enterprises. Hobvision technologies has over a decade of experience providing dedicated development teams for hire in a managed environment. By partnering with us, you can leverage our:

Expertise in building scalable applications deployed in challenging, real-time environments
Highly qualified, experienced and dedicated team of professionals with experience in cutting edge technologies
Experience with implementation of proven software development methodologies
Capabilities to provide seamless integration with existing business processes and technologies