Hobvision Technologies Private Limited

IOT Solutions for Smart Cities

Smart City is a hot and happening concept in the field of urban innovation right now. This concept assumes that a city operates as a system or a group of interlocked parts working together, where technology is used to maximize its efficiency and also unlock its potential, while its chief focus remaining on sustainability.

It is estimated that the smart city market worldwide would be valued at 400 billion USD by 2020 . As it is projected that around 60% of the global population will be in urban locations by 2025, the concept of Smart Cities has started earning acceptance among policy makers.

Hobvision has rich set of IOT experience which can be leveraged to provide smart city solution, our expertise can connect smart devices to the Cloud and offer and assist in deploying following solution:

Water Leak Management
Water Predictive Maintenance
Flood Management
Smart metering
Strom Water management
Waste Water Management
Transport Route Optimization
Transport Traffic Prediction
Bus Arrival Prediction
Fleet optimization
Video Surveillance
City-Wide Dashboard


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